Be Ready with the PMP Notebook Bootcamp

Take a virtual 5 day bootcamp to help you pass the PMP 6th edition exam on June 25th 

Limited time for $700*

Only 30 Seats available

*Offer ends on June 10th

What You Get:

$2000 Value

  •  Two books: The PMP Exam: How to Pass on your first try by Andy Crowe and The PMP Notebook
  • Flashcard App: 250+ flashcards on an easy to use app
  • Audio tracks of PM experts
  • Laminated Quick Reference Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Testing App: Filled with practice tests
  • 35 hours of online modules, over 500 practice test questions, exercises and more accessible 24/7 for 3 months
  • Online testing simulator
  • Online tool providing a dynamic and interactive view of the entire process framework
  • Formula Sheets: handouts help memorize, understand and perform needed calculations 
  • Certificate of completion: Proof of obtaining 47 Accredited Contact Hours

Ensure you did everything to pass the exam

You can take a cheap lesson on Udemy and fall asleep or take a course that will keep you up and engaged. This will take a deep dive into understanding the concepts of the PMP exam. I provide you with tools and resources that you will use within the class and after. Plus, it's more fun and engaging to learn as a group than by yourself. 

Access to online modules for 3 months

Online group tutoring

Structured everyday to help you concentrate on specific topics

47 accredited contact hours that can be used towards the exam

You study better as a group instead of by yourself

I'm not ready, but let me know about the next boot camp